Tools - Table Of Contents

This document serves as a table of contents, for the documentation on the Orange toolchain.

General Tools

General tools compile or assemble code, and manage the resulting object files.

Linker Postprocessing Tools

Linker postprocessing tools take the linker output, and make some sort of device or OS-specific binary image that serves as the final executable image.


Utilities are external utilites that aren't generally needed for developing programs, but are somewhat useful.

WIN32 Specific tools

WIN32 specific tools are tools that aid in the development of WIN32 programs.

Tools Setup

The tools come with configuration files that set up their run-time enviroment. These are automatically read relative to the binaries, therefore only the OrangeC bin directory must be on PATH.

For example, if the tools are installed in c:\orangec, the following command line command is enough to set up the OrangeC environment:


There is also an ORANGEC environment variable. Usually it doesn't need to be set, but if you have multiple installations of orange c on the path you may want to set it to avoid ambiguity. It is set to the OrangeC root directory:

set ORANGEC=c:\\orangec